Leadership Team

Brad Steinmeyer (left) and James Warren (right) run the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado

James Warren
Founder and
General Manager

As founder and General Manager for RDM Communications, Jim’s vision for the company started while he was a channel leader at a regional CLEC in 2003. He quickly understood the fundamentals of building a successful partner program in this profound statement:

“Always continue to make it ‘simple and easy’ for partners to do business with us.”
— Jim

Jim recognized the difference in customer experiences when a customer would work with a strategic partner, instead of a direct sales representative. It was clear to Jim that independent partners were actually providing a service to the community through unbiased customer advocacy. True partners provide the customer the best solution for their needs, at the most competitive rates and are able to do so because they were not limited to a single carrier. The key is the ability to source multiple vendors to form a single solution for the customer.

Jim founded RDM in 2007 with the purpose of providing a strategic partnership for companies that need to accelerate their ability to navigate the complex telecommunication service provider maze…

“We enjoy deep relationships with our supplier partners which allows us to provide a higher class of service to our customers.”
— Jim.

Drawing on the self discipline instilled in him while serving as a United States Marine, coupled with his extensive leadership positions in sales, marketing and channel development at companies like Sprint and Frontier, Jim centered his focus on building RDM correctly from day one. Learning early in his career to focus first on the customers, partners, and employees with the understanding that the profits are a byproduct of taking care of the previous three, Jim has instilled that culture across RDM and the many RDM partnerships.

“There are so many service provider options in the industry today that partners may choose to work with, I believe that the longstanding relationships we have with our partners and their customers are a testament to culture we strive to live at RDM.” — Jim

Jim headquartered RDM in the Seattle,Washington metro area, where he lives with his wife and three children. On Sunday afternoons in the Fall, it is a safe bet that you will find the Warren clan in full Seahawks regalia, cheering on the World Champs, with his wife duct taped to the couch.

“They do not lose when she watches the entire game, and I always win with such an exceptional person, wonderful mother, and beautiful wife by my side.” — Jim

Brad Steinmeyer
Vice President
Business Development

Brad Steinmeyer joined RDM Communications in 2014 to lead Corporate Business Development and RDM’s thriving Partner Program. Brad is entrusted with continuing to fine-tune tools, structure, and support efforts to bring the industry’s best experience to our partners and their customers.

“My passion is working with partners. I appreciate the craftsmanship it takes to effectively manage these relationships in a way that elevates our partners in the eyes of their customers. I am excited to help take the RDM Partner Program to the next level.” — Brad

Brad brings over twenty years of telecommunications experience to the table that started in the United States Navy in 1990. For the past eleven years, Brad has successfully managed partner programs for three of the largest communications companies in the United Sates. Brad had channel ownership responsibility at Electric Lightwave (Frontier) for the three years prior to the Integra acquisition.

“Brad’s channel organization grew to one of the highest, most consistent revenue producing divisions at ELI. In addition, his team was one of the top producing and most respected channels in the Telecom Industry.” — Gary Nieboer, Head of Sales ELI.

Following ELI, Brad created and ran the partner program for the CLEC markets at CenturyTel. Directly before joining RDM, Brad spent four years as the Regional Vice President running the West Region Partner Program at F500 communication provider Windstream, where he consistently earned the Windstream Elite award for the top 1% of performers in the company.

“We love the fact that, Brad has a well rounded career with positions in Engineering, Operations, and Sales. He truly knows how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together.”  — James Warren, RDM Founder.

Brad lives in Maple Valley, Washington with his wife and their three children. They spend a great deal of time on family activities and supporting their children’s sports and theater programs. Brad and his wife are foodies and enjoy coming up with great things to cook together.

“My wife is truly an amazing person. She has been the silent champion of my career. From starting a software company in the late 90’s to supporting crazy ideas like raising a couple of chickens in the back yard, she has supported me unconditionally. I am truly fortunate to have her with me on life’s journey.” — Brad