This is the page where our competitors will typical add the “eye chart” of communications service providers and service offerings.

This representation is intended to blind customers to the reality of what they are about to go through. Our experience tells us that most carrier sales reps take a backwards approach when it comes to offering clients their services. “The Sales” approach most often shows that these reps ask for a customer bill copy and adapt it to the solution that fits their limited selection, or to the product that pays them the most. After changing the customer need to fit their service portfolio, they then sell their guts out to try and convince the customer to buy the solution.

RDM Communications focuses on actual customer needs, and growth roadmap.  We take time to understand current configuration and pain points to craft a customized solution based on the needs and requirements of the customer (not the last bill copy).  We collaborate with our partners to find the best, most economical fit for the customer that compliments their solution strategy.

We have agreements with hundreds of service providers, for thousands of products, and ubiquitous geographic coverage. We provide customized options to fit the specific needs of each customer.