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Q: How does RDM compliment their strategic business partners?

A: Our business partners have a core offering that they provide their customers. Often these solutions require specific network or datacenter elements to function correctly. RDM will work in tandem with our partners to provide the correct solution for the customers.

Q: Why shouldn’t we provide our customer with requirements and let them find their own provider?

A: It is critical that you help manage the entire solution and one of the best ways that you can provide value is by helping to scope and source a solution with a trusted carrier offering. You might have the best offering for the customer, but if the supporting network does not function properly the customer is going to question your solution. Having a company like RDM that can help bring the right solution and hold the carriers accountable for performance will never bring your core offering into question.

Q: How does becoming a strategic partner protect my core offering?

A: Carriers that work directly with customers will try and upsell them additional products. These products may compete directly with your solution. Even if these solutions are inferior or not in the best interest of the customer, the direct sales reps are wedged into your account and have no consideration for your relationship with the customer. By providing the carrier solution to the customer, you control the products that are suggested to the customer and can promote only solutions that are in the best interest of the customer.

Q: Why would we partner with RDM instead of forming our own carrier services division?

A: The cost of effectively running a service provider division is very high. Hiring the dedicated resources required to run and support carrier offerings can significantly distract companies from their core business. We constantly see companies struggle with complex nuances of managing the service providers effectively while providing a great solution for their customers. Our team is built from seasoned industry experts in managing the service provider partner channel. Companies that choose to build this division themselves underestimate the extended ROI

Q: How many carriers can RDM bring to the table?

A: RDM can design solutions with hundreds of providers. With so many new carriers or new products constantly emerging, we limit our recommendations to carriers that have gone through an exhaustive qualification process. We conduct extensive research on the provider and their product prior to ever recommending it. We keep detailed statistics on carrier and product performance and find a match that best fits the needs of each particular customer.

Q: What does RDM evaluate when recommending a carrier solution?

A: RDM evaluates every critical element of a carrier and product offering:

    1. Install experience
    2. Network performance
    3. Post sales support
    4. Trouble resolution
    5. Industry Reputation
    6. Pricing
    7. Product portfolio to meet future needs
    8. Financial stability
Q: How does RDM help streamline the solution development process with our partners and our customers?

A: Regardless of whether RDM recommends a single carrier solution or a multi-carrier solution, you still have a single point of contact to deal with the team who knows your account best. During the pricing and evaluation process for a new carrier, it is typical to get at least 3 bids and have at least two appointments with at least three carriers. The number of appointments you have to schedule could easily reach up to a dozen before an educated decision is made on your company’s communications. If you use team RDM, you can spend one appointment determining the best course of action, and just one more evaluating the best options available in your market. Having a single point of contact is a huge time saver!

Q: How does RDM position the carrier providers?

You get to hear the truth! When you use team RDM, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience of a team that has been in the field for many years- and with multiple carriers. RDM has extensive experience dealing with multiple carriers across the nation, and can tell you how they really perform. Not the rosy picture they all want to paint for you. Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who can make the desired install date? When using an RDM, you don’t have to listen to “The Company Story” for each carrier, as they always tend to dress up their deficiencies. You get to hear the truth.

Q: Would a “direct” sales representative take better care of me?

A: RDM is invested in your success long term.  This is an incredibly important concept to understand when choosing to work with a strategic business partner like RDM! When you work with a direct sales representative for a telecom company, one that may be here and gone tomorrow (rep or company), they are paid only to bring in the sale. As we all know in the world of corporate sales, comp plans drive behavior, and sales reps are specifically told, “If the customer has a problem, send them to the Help Desk. Do not get involved. You are paid ONLY to bring in new business.” There is absolutely no motivation, despite the direct representative’s best intentions, for them to ever speak to you again after you sign the dotted line. It’s sad but true. On the flip side, because RDM is commission only and residual based, earning a small percentage of the monthly bill, it takes us, in many cases, up to 24 months to get paid what the direct representative will get paid in month number one after the sale. Our entire motivation is to build a book of business of happy customers that don’t have to find someone new every couple of years to deal with. This relationship only makes sense for RMD if you stay with us for over many years, so we have EVERY motivation to assist you in solving any service issues that you may ever have. RDM isn’t just another business associate; we become part of your team.

Q: Do I pay more when I source through RDM?

A: The exact same standard pricing is used in the partner channel and the direct channel. In spite of all of the additional knowledge you can tap into with RDM, you can be sure you are not charged any extra for it. For large projects, special pricing is available to either channel equally.

Q; Does RDM carry a quota with their carrier partners?

A: No. It is against our company policy for the company or any of our employees to carry a quota. When customers call providers to order new services, they only are told about what the provider wants to sell them, not what is best for the customer. It is very common for RDM to uncover up to 10-20% of pure fluff when we audit bills. The direct representatives from these companies have a quota and will often sell you what is good for them, not what is good for the customer. They are incented to sell what is most profitable for their company and are paid accordingly. Our focus is on the correct solution and we will never allow our company or our employees to let a quota inflate or misguide a solution.

Q: How does RDM help customers take advantage of extra incentives and promotions?

A: The telecom industry is moving increasing towards the partner channel. Simply stated, the cost of customer acquisition is significantly less through the channel program. In fact, some of the largest providers are seeing between 40-50% of their new revenue come through the partner channel. Channel partners like RDM are more knowledgeable, better trained, and set proper expectations with their customers. RDM clients tend to remain clients longer (since our customers were sold the correct solution), and it is more cost effective for carriers to deal with RDM. They do not pay base salaries or benefits, in addition to commissions. Strangely enough, where I have seen this benefit our customers most, is in the form of special incentives and promotions offered through the channel program. It is not uncommon for us to be able to provide special incentives for our customers that they would not otherwise receive from the carrier.  It is in our best interest to put every promotion or incentive available in front of our customers as we are not typically incented or penalized for the use of promotions.