About Us

RDM Communications

RDM was founded in 2007 to provide an outsourced telecommunications service provider division for strategic partners and their customers. RDM allows VARs, MSPs, Cloud Content Providers, and Interconnects to focus on their core business offerings while still providing a complete solution for their customers.

 “Our partners are able to avoid the steep learning curve and expensive management cost of creating and supporting the unique demands of a telecom service provider division. James Warren, Founder

RDM Mission Statement

 To provide our partners with an experienced and relationship deep staff focused on the expert design, sourcing, and management of communications solutions for their customers.

RDM Culture

As RDM has expanded from Washington to Utah and again into Colorado, the employees of the company are tied together by a common set of cultural beliefs that unite and guide the interactions of the company.  RDM asks employees to let the cultural beliefs guide their decision making process on a day-to-day basis.

“I am confident that if I make a decision based on our cultural values, that the leadership of the company will support me unconditionally. This frees me up to do my job quickly without wondering if there will be a consequence.” Tonia Harrington, Customer Service

Our Cultural Beliefs

  • Continue to make it easier for partners and
    customers to work with us.
  • This company belongs to our customers, partners, and employees, and we will treat your company as if it belongs to us.
  • We work every day with integrity, passion, and joy.
  • Every interaction must have a focus on strengthening our relationships with our customers, partners, vendors and employees.
  • Please tell us that we are doing it right, or what we can change to do it better.
  • We will listen and take action.


  • Telecommunications Services
  • Networks
  •  Lync, O365, Hosted PBX integration
  •  Cloud Services
  •  Business Continuity
  • Vendor Management and Evaluation